Bea Boccalandro  photo

Bea Boccalandro

Founder and President of VeraWorks

Bea Boccalandro is founder and president of VeraWorks, a global consulting firm that helps managers and companies design, implement and measure corporate involvement in societal causes. She focuses on “job purposing,” defined the management practice of heightening employee engagement, performance and wellbeing through workplace opportunities to support societal causes. VeraWorks clients include Aetna, Bank of America, Disney, FedEx, HP, IBM, Levi’s, PwC and many other companies.

Boccalandro is the author of the Job Purposing Blog (, teaches corporate community involvement at Georgetown University, is a frequent keynote speaker and is leading the UN’s IMPACT 2030 effort to measure the impact of corporate volunteering on the Sustainable Development Goals.